Please contact us directly regarding kitten availability. Our pet kitten prices depend on the color, pattern, and quality of the kitten. You can Email, AOL & Yahoo IM name a1bengal,Facebook Jane Lee or contact Pat Falzarano at (201) 527-7779.

Please leave a detailed message for Pat along with your phone number and she will return your call.

Please call or email if you are looking for a kitten. We currently are expecting litters around St.  Patrick's Day of 2010.

At Bobbie Roses website you can see kitten pictures of CheChe and Rosies' kittens out of Augustus.

If you are looking for something you do not see here, we may have it not posted yet. Note, we do NOT have F1 Bengals for sale.Our main focus is the SBT Bengal. We breed spotted or marbled, brown tabbies or seal lynx point (blue-eyed) snows. Some of our Latest Litters and kittens


Please read our kitten adoption information before proceeding:

It is best to telephone Pat Falzarano at (201) 527-7779 to discuss the cats and kittens and to make an appointment to visit the cattery. We occasionally ship breeding or show kittens out of the NY/NJ/PA area, but prefer to place our pet kittens locally. The buyer is responsible for transportation costs which may include airline shipping, carrier, insurance, and health certificate in addition to the price of the kitten.

We are usually available evenings and weekends. We travel on occasion to cat shows and can not always answer emails or phone messages right away. You can email us at AOL and Yahoo Instant Messenger screen name = a1bengal

AFTER you have visited us, or spoken to us, and have chosen a kitten for your family, we do accept online payments via a VISA or MASTERCARD through PayPal.